• 9.11.2017
    - Soon the ultimate rock n' roll album "Rock Tattoo" will be out with a new musicvideo! GET YOUR ASSES READY FOR IT!!


Serpico was founded 2006 in Pori as a true 5 member Rock N' Roll group who does not have to explain anything to anyone. The music has been speaking for itself and the bands view of life throughout these years. In addition to the reputation in Finland the band has been recognized also in other European countries. Rock N' Roll is not DEAD!

Kalle Vee Dour, Lead vocals
Snake, Lead guitar & backing vocals
Andy MotörFager, Bass & backing vocals
Eddy, Guitar & backing vocals
Jani Serpico, Drums & backing vocals

Tour 2017

  • 3.2. Bar Kino/Pori (FI) (w/Flesh Roxon and Strike At Once)
  • 13.4. Baari, Turku W Nasty Lipstick & State of Emergency
  • 14.4. Brummi, Rauma W Viper Arms & Black Dreams
  • 15.4. Varjo Baari, Tampere W Nasty Lipstick & State of Emergency
  • 29.4. Rock Bar Monttu, Pori W Nasty Lipstick & State of Emergency
  • 5.5. Brummi, Rauma w/ Bloody Heels & Flesh Roxon
  • 6.5. Baarikaappi, Pori w/ Bloody Heels & Flesh Roxon
  • 10.6 Pori On The Rocks Festival, Cafe Jazz, Pori
  • 21.7. Bike Show, Hämeenlinna w/ Strike At Once
  • 27.7. Jack The Rooster , Tampere w/ Nicky Rothen (Flesh Roxon) acoustic band
  • 10.8. Torvi, Lahti w/ Strike At Once & Nasty Lipstick
  • 1.9. Rock Bar Monttu Pori w/ Viper Arms



Ain't better to leave, Digital Single (2017)

  1. Ain't better to leave

SHOUT, Digital Single (2016)

  1. Shout

SHALLOW MISTRESS (Debut album, 2014)

  1. Intro
  2. Oriental clash
  3. Documents
  4. (I've got a hard on) drugs
  5. Supernatural outlaw #1
  6. Cozy
  7. Tie us down
  8. Mosquito
  9. Cabare'
  10. Shallow Mistress
  11. Always?
  12. Outro

BAD COMMERCIAL single-EP (2011)

  1. Bad Commercial
  2. Rainy day
  3. Well known risk


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BusinessID: 2751776-3
Address: Tommilantie 3b 28610 Pori-Finland

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