• 16.5.2020
    - Serpico will perform online at Poristriimi on 30.5.2020! Check out from!

  • 16.5.2020

    Sepico has signed a record deal!

    Finnish Hard Rock band Serpico has signed a worldwide record deal with Rockshots Records (Italy). The famous and well known Finnish Heavymetal producer Anssi Kippo will be the producer of the album, who is best known for Children Of Bodom's real high-class breakthrough albums, e.g. "Something wild", "Hate Breeder" & "Death crew hate roll".

    Anssi is in demand for genuine and dangerous Rock n 'Roll music and comments on it as follows.

    "I'm excited to work with Serpico on their forth coming album which will be recorded on magnetic tape. The analogue recording perfectly fits their style as it enables us to capture both the energy and danger in exact detail. It's awesome to see that rock 'n' roll is not dead!"

    The record company Rockshots Records is also announcing the start of the collaboration and is clearly excited about the Serpico band's stylish compact ensemble.

    "We are so excited to welcome Serpico to our artist roster! You can't get anywhere else a band like Serpico, with their genuine rock n' roll and sleazy style. The new album "Chosen Four", with producer Anssi Kippo on board, will blown you away!"

  • 5.8.2019
    - Serpico will continue as a 4 member band from now on! Eddy will pursue his musical ambitions from now on in other projects and we would like give him all our love for playing with us all these years!

  • 17.12.2018
    - New song Happy happy Christmas is out now!! Listen from Spotify, iTunes and watch the video on YouTube!

  • 13.9.2018
    - New shows added!

  • 9.3.2018
    - New album Rock Tattoo is out now!!
    Order online from:
    Recordshop X (worldwide shipping)
    Plastichead UK (worldwide shipping)
    CDON.COM (Europe)
    Inverse store (Europe) (Europe) (Sweden)
    iMusic (Denmark) (Germany)
    Amazon (Japan)
    Porin Levykauppa
    Levykauppa Äx

  • 4.3.2018
    - New shows added!

  • 11.02.2018
    - New album "Rock Tattoo" out on March 9'th round Europe!
  • - New video out now!! Lightning thunder baby!
    - Listen also on Spotify


Serpico was founded 2005 in Pori as a true 4 member Rock N' Roll group who does not have to explain anything to anyone. The music has been speaking for itself and the bands view of life throughout these years. In addition to the reputation in Finland the band has been recognized also in other European countries. Rock N' Roll is not DEAD!

Vee Dour, Lead vocals
Snake, Lead guitar & backing vocals
Andy MotörFager, Bass & backing vocals
Jani Serpico, Drums & backing vocals


  • 30.5.2020 Poristriimi, online show!



  1. Rock Tattoo
  2. Shout
  3. Irish Roots
  4. A.O.F.
  5. No Confusion
  6. This is What I Am
  7. Half Step
  8. July
  9. Ain't Better To Leave
  10. Lightning Thunder Baby
  11. Ex-Serpico
  12. Let It Burn

Lightning thunder baby, Digital Single (2018)

  1. Lightning thunder baby

Ain't better to leave, Digital Single (2017)

  1. Ain't better to leave

SHOUT, Digital Single (2016)

  1. Shout

SHALLOW MISTRESS (Debut album, 2014)

  1. Intro
  2. Oriental clash
  3. Documents
  4. (I've got a hard on) drugs
  5. Supernatural outlaw #1
  6. Cozy
  7. Tie us down
  8. Mosquito
  9. Cabare'
  10. Shallow Mistress
  11. Always?
  12. Outro

BAD COMMERCIAL single-EP (2011)

  1. Bad Commercial
  2. Rainy day
  3. Well known risk


Coming soon!


Record label:
Rockshots Records


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